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Many pioneering Wikipedians share the thought that, in its early days, way back inWikipedia was a crazy idea. This goal turned out to be attainable within two years of hard work, and has doubled nearly 55 times by the time of writing this. That former ghost town on the English Wikipedia currently hosts overactive contributors. I learned a lot about writing that way. Currently, she leads workshops to train beginner editors in person and spends zillions of hours online to advocate their contributions from deletion, when mistaken for vandalism, by community patrols.

Gustafson has a wide range of topics that she likes to edit about including software, website history, fixing minor issues in the articles she reads and uploading photos of buildings to Wikimedia Commonsbut one topic of interest for her stands out in the crowd: places that witnessed mass murders. Gustafson is particularly interested in editing about the location of a mass murder rather than the incident itself.

The next day, I saw journalists publishing articles about the history of the church on very short deadlines, and I suspect and hope they used our detailed Wikipedia article as background to help them find the interesting parts to write about and publish fast. Gustafson wanted to invest her rich history and experience on Wikipedia by sharing what she learned with new editors.

These days, she can be found at Wikipedia editing events in the San Francisco Bay Area as a volunteer organizer or a mentor for new editors. New editor contributions are often reverted by Wikipedia editors when mistaken for vandalism but this is not the case for those mentored by Gustafson.

I also go through the articles after the event to fix up any newbie mistakes, to also protect against deletion attempts. If somebody starts arguing with one of my new editors, I step in like a pound gorilla and write talk page messages. Gustafson understands that not every participant in a one-day editing workshop will become a long-term contributor.

However, she believes that training newbies is worth it for reasons that she explains to them during her workshops:. Improving Wikipedia articles may contribute to increasing local tourism. Hinnosaar, T.

Hinnosaar, M. Kummer and O. This group of scholars from various universities — including Collegio Carlo Alberto, the Center for European Economic Research ZEW and Georgia Institute of Technology — led a field experiment in they expanded Wikipedia articles regarding 60 Spanish cities and checked the impact on local tourism, by measuring the increased number of hotel stays in the same cities from each country.

Riuso, interoperabilità, influenza: la cooperazione virtuosa tra i progetti SHARE e Wikidata

Random city articles were expanded mainly by translating contents taken from the Spanish or the English edition of Wikipedia into other languages, and by adding some photos. The impact is large. This has significant implications both in macroeconomic and microeconomic scale. The study revises an earlier version [supp 1] which declared the data was inconclusive not statistically relevant yet although there were hints of a positive effect.

Curiously, while the authors had no problems adding their translations and images to French, German and Italian Wikipedia, all their edits were reverted on the Dutch Wikipedia. Local editors may want to investigate what made the edits unacceptable: perhaps the translator was not as good as those in the other languages, or the local community is prejudicially hostile to new users editing a mid-sized group of pages at once, or some rogue user reverted edits which the larger community would accept?

For example, the time it takes to make a prediction is too slow to deploy in a setting such as ORES where quick predictions are texaco logo history. Also, the custom feature sets that ORES has allow for explanations on how to improve article quality e.

Both are areas where we expect to see improvements in the near future, making this deep learning approach even more applicable to Wikipedia. The paper builds upon previous work by Kittur and Kraut that studied implicit coordination, [supp 2] where they found that having a small group of contributors doing the majority of the work was most effective.The CoBiS is a network formed by 65 libraries.

The project is a pilot for Piedmont aiming to provide the libraries with an infrastructure for LOD publishing, creating a triplification pipeline designed to be easy to automate and replicate. The first challenge consisted in making possible the dialog of heterogeneous data sources, coming from four different library applications and different types of data. As a second step, the information contained in the catalogs was interlinked with external data sources.

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Ayers, Phoebe, Andrea Zanni. DOI: Bhattacharjee, Runa. Bergamin, Giovanni. Bergamin, Giovanni, Cristian Bacchi.

Bergamin, Giovanni, Anna Lucarelli. Forziati, Claudio. Un anno quasi di wikilavoro del gruppo AIB in Campania. Gentilini, Virginia. Storia di formiche, di tunnel, di umani e di bot. Gentilini, Virginia, Andrea Zanni. Giaccai, Susanna. Girometti, Silvia. Keller, Paul.

Klein, Maximilian, Alex Kyrios. Lankes, David. The Atlas of New Librarianship. Cambridge Mass. Milano: Editrice bibliografica. Leva, Federico. Lucarelli, Anna.

wikidata: la soluzione wikimediana ai linked...

Digitalia Lucarelli, Anna, Elisabetta Viti. Manzotti, Giulia. Martinelli, Luca. Minsenti, Pierfranco. La nuova vita dei dati prodotti dalle biblioteche. Orlowitz, Jake. Pepe, Maria Grazia. Petrusich, Amanda. Rostelli, Fabrizio.In La biblioteca che cresce. Contenuti e servizi tra frammentazione e integrazione, Milano, Italy, March In the era of fragmentation of information, the integration and cooperation between different projects is needed to the speading of knowledge.

The present work illustrates the processes to identify entities in the linked data projects of the "SHARE" family as well as the valuable contribution that Wikidata, the open knowledge base of the Wikimedia family, can give to such initiatives. In this context, the success indicators of the project, such as reuse, interoperability and influence, are observed to evaluate this cooperation and propose other possible forms of enrichment.

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Martinelli, Luca. In European Semantic Web Conference, — Springer, Stinson, Alex. Medium blog13 dicembre Login Create Account. Check full metadata for this record. Downloads per month over past year.

Knowledge representation. Data and metadata structures. Design, development, implementation and maintenance I. Semantic web.

Claudio Forziati.Wikimaniathe international Wikimedia conference, will be August 9—13 in Montreal. The event invites Wikimedia contributors from around the world to convene and discuss anything related to Wikimedia projects.

Quickstart: Wikidata Query Service

The conference website includes the programme of scheduled talks, keynote speakersand various preconference activities. Following Wikimedia community tradition, various people have complained and been confused on the Wikimania-l mailing list. The two most popular conversations in July were the 23 post review of AC power plugs and sockets in Canada and the 53 posts about visa rejections.

Wikimedia France has continued to suffer prolonged problems see previous Signpost coverage. On 1 July the organization confirmed a new board of trustees.

Progetto:GLAM/Biblioteche/Progetti/Sfide e alleanze tra Biblioteche e Wikipedia 2

On 23 July, the board secretary announced to the greater Wikimedia community that one of the eight board members, Louise Merzeauhad died and the treasurer had resigned and already been replaced.

This is the fifth board resignation in less than five months. The announcement noted that the chair, vice chair, and secretary are unchanged by these developments.

A WMF site visit was held on July 25—26, In October, the regularly scheduled general assembly will proceed to elect six currently held seats. The international Wikimedia community saw and discussed one highly visible cause or symptom of conflict in May when the Funds Dissemination Committee gave WMFR only fifty percent of their requested grant. The Signpost reminds readers that no part of Wikipedia is competitive, that all Wikimedia chapters should support each other, that Wikimedia chapters and their communities must find peace and alignment, and that a problem for any individual among us makes the international news much more commonly than drama in other special interest online communities.

French readers can find French language controversy in the Wikimediafr mailing list.

wikidata: la soluzione wikimediana ai linked...

On 6 July the Swedish Patent and Market Court ordered Wikimedia Sverigethe Wikimedia chapter in Sweden, to pay a fine and lawyers' fees following a previous ruling by the Supreme Court of Sweden that their database of links to Wikimedia Commons photographs violated copyright law. The details of the case will sound strange to Wikimedia contributors as the court identified separate copyright laws for paper versus digital media publishing.

Wikimedia Sverige argued that Sweden's freedom of panorama laws allowed the publication of photos of permanently installed public artworks, such as monuments in public parks. Interpreting the result is challenging, but the court seems to have said that the freedom of panorama rules permit photographers to create images of art, publish them online, publish them in books, and sell copies of their photos commercially, all without permission from the artist who created the work featured in the photo.

The part that is not allowed is compiling a database which makes it very easy for anyone to find and republish the images for any purpose, including commercial purposes. Whatever the legal interpretation, Wikimedia Sverige lost, and the Wikimedia Foundation disagreed with the court's ruling. While the Supreme Court mentioned the database explicitly in the final ruling, the Patent and Market Court ruling did not. Instead, that court says that media shared online cannot be considered " avbildning ", a Swedish term which means "a reproduction".

Since avbildning is allowed under the freedom of panorama exception it means that online publishing is likely no longer covered by freedom of panorama. Wikimedia Sverige is asking for donations from the Wikimedia community and supporters, even if the donation is only a small symbolic amount to demonstrate support. Anyone outside the European Union may have difficulty making a donation, although some payment types in the US and elsewhere may work.

Wikimedia Sverige executive director John Andersson said of the case that "Copyright is complex and largely incomprehensible. This ruling asserts that there is a difference in terms of user rights between digital and print media as photos of these works of art can for example be printed as postcards and used for commercial purposes.

Digital non-profit projects like the websites Offentligkonst. In a society looking to fully enter a digital era, it is unreasonable to undermine the use of digital media in this way. The legislation clearly must be revised.

Available documentation of this case is all in Swedish language and includes the timelineWikimedia Sverige's press releaseand the court ruling.

wikidata: la soluzione wikimediana ai linked...

Reader comments. Improving Wikipedia articles may contribute to increasing local tourism.University of Salerno claudio. University of Naples Federico II valeria. The aim of this work is to present the project of authority data integration from the SHARE Catalogue, a University Consortium bibliographic catalogue in linked open data, to Wikidata.

After a brief description of Wikidata collaborative approach, and how the community creates and enriches its contents, we will focus on some international experiences which are particularly significant. Finally, we will show the advantages of using Wikidata in terms of analysis, evolution and enrichment of catalogues and, at the same time, how useful it is to include data from authoritative sources for Wikidata.

Allison-Cassin, Stacy. Cerrone, Loredana, e Patrizia De Martino. Roma: Associazione Italiana Biblioteche. Mika et al. Cham: Springer. Galluzzi, Anna. Guerrini, Mauro, e Tiziana Possemato.

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Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Single/2017-08-05

The conference confirmed the opportunity for a strong synergy between the library community and the Wikipedian community represented on this occasion by many members of AIB and Wikimedia Italia and for a common commitment to the dissemination of knowledge, open access to information and the free reuse of digital resources in the public domain. Starting from the felt need for a regulatory framework on intellectual property that improves free knowledge and the role of cultural institutions, the speakers discussed various forms of interaction with the Wikimedia world, activated by some Italian institutions BNCF, Municipal Library of Trento, University of Turin and the peculiar interest that each of the platforms of free knowledge has in the eyes of librarians.

This kind of experiments and projects promotes accessibility, research and creative reuse of quality data and resources that libraries produce daily. Finally, the contribution reflects the debate following the talks and the three interesting workshops in the afternoon, a further stimulus to extract the knowledge contained in the bibliographic patrimony and make it available on the web with the contribution of a broad and transversal community.

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