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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Or: A homeless Jack finds himself working for an orphanage where he meets Elsa, a volunteer who loves seeing children smile. Very real. Everyone knows that the woods are full of fairies, and it's not wise to go there.

Hiccup, though, has never been one for doing the smart thing, so he lives there, alone except for the Grimalkin, Toothless, who showed up one day and doesn't seem to want to leave. One day the Wind brings Jack Frost to the hut, and Jack Frost seems determined that Hiccup should have more than just one friend, though.

Pitch Black, on the other hand, has plans, and for those plans, he needs his Grimalkin back. He's convinced that getting its new master on side shouldn't be hard. The boy is only a human, after all A young woman returns home for the holidays and is introduced to her niece and nephew's imaginary friend.

At first, it's a game, but could this 'Jack' be real? And when something goes terribly wrong, will she be able to turn to him for help? Pitch Black has risen to power again, and the Guardians are here to stop him, but when it turns out that one of their own is under Pitch's control, will they be able to protect the children of the world, and save their teammate at the same time?

Jack Frost emerges from the ice, and there is someone there to care for him. Unfortunately, three hundred years at the hands of the Winter Court is enough to freeze anyone's heart. He was beginning to see a pattern in his life at Sin Clair Academy- few and far in between moderately good things would happen, followed swiftly by many, many catastrophically bad things.

A High School AU, just not the one you expected. The first person who ever saw me was Hiccup. I'd spent years in isolation with the wind as my only companion.

Rise Of The Guardians - Pitch's Lair Scene

Little did I know, meeting Hiccup would be the catalyst for my biggest adventure. I have been dying to connect these characters together and find ways to blend their stories and lore.

Expect an epic saga that honors the original movies while appealing to our big four dreams! One night, during a rare visit to the outside world, the Nightmare King came across a winter sprite lying in the snow.

With the Man in the Moon bearing witness to this encounter, the Nightmare King was certain that the new-born spirit was merely a trap. Still, two can play at a game of corruption, and the winter sprite ends up in the crossfire. Yet he turns out not to be the submissive, fatalistic individual either the Man in the Moon or the Nightmare King expected, and he certainly will not allow himself to be manipulated by either of them.

No, he has plans of his own - after all, is there a better consort for darkness than ice? When Elsa is forced into loneliness, Jack Frost comforts her. But one day he disappears without warning and Elsa is left with growing fear. Years pass and Elsa becomes queen. Her birthday comes and her sister throws a party. When some unexpected guests show up, she may get the happily ever after she's been wanting since she was young.

Jack Overland is probably the best-worst wizard ever. Sometimes, his magic is like a potent weapon, able to bring about a winter's day in the middle of summer and call upon strong winds to take him anywhere.

Most times, his magic is an uncontrollable blizzard, harming him and anyone near him.Pitch Black sighed and leaned against the wall of his prison. At one time, this place had all been his - all a part of his underground Nightmare Castle. But now it was the property of the Fearlings - imagine that! He closed his eyes and tried to forget. To forget - and to remember, if such a thing was possible. Forget what was happening around him now, to forget what he had become.

To forget the taste of defeat, to forget the tortures his own creations now inflicted him with when he wasn't dreaming. He reached about in his dark mind, searching for the tiny wisps of memory of his former life. It wasn't much, but it was all he had now. It was bright and cheery, and wholly unafraid. His eyes shot open, and before him stood a little girl. She was transparent, like a ghost, and he knew at once that she was not real.

Yet her bright golden locks bounced around healthily and her golden eyes - his golden eyes - twinkled merrily. A small smile blossomed on his pale, thin lips for the first time in centuries. Send her awaythe voice inside him urged. Do it while you can still bear to. She's not real - you know thatPitch. You are only torturing yourself further Emily Jane's eyes widened and her bottom lip trembled. Does that mean you will. Pitch nodded, setting his ghost-child into a fit of wails.

I won't wet you! He let her sob for a while, supporting her as best he could. Finally, when the torrent had ceased She nodded emphatically, her thick hair bouncing up and down. I pwomise!I don't know why but I just absolutely love the whole "Pitch is Jack's father" idea.

So, this will be my individual take on overprotective kind of insane but still loving daddy Pitch. This first chapter is basically a short prologue. Summary- How will Jack live with an overprotective semi-insane father who will stop at nothing to keep him hidden and locked in the dark forever? Beware future lemon. Pitch carried his child into his room, setting him down in the large crib. He got out Jack's small footie pajamas and helped his son change into them, before making him lie down for bed.

Yes, Pitch realized that Jack was getting a bit too old for a crib, but this mattered very little to him. Jack didn't need to know that it wasn't normal and Pitch saw no reason to change anytime soon.

You see, Pitch has a small, quirkif you will. After the death of his wife, he became very possessive and overprotective of his baby, Jack. He never let him out of his sight, never left him alone, never had any friends over.

He schooled Jack from home and Jack never, everunder any circumstances, was allowed outside. Jack was his precious child, and no one would take him away. Not a friend, nor enemy, nor lover. Jack was hisand he would be further damned if he let him slip away as well. No, Jack wasn't going anywhere. Pitch had an eternity to keep Jack, all to himself. If he has to lock Jack in a cage and keep him from the outside world, well, then that is exactly what he will do. So yes, the crib is a necessity in Pitch's mind.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 9. The Love of a Family by GabeElf reviews First fic ever posted, rotg fanfic just a warning there will be OC's side characters Summery: Jack has been having a hard time trusting the other guardians, and the guardians want to help jack learn to trust them.

Jack, however, is doubtful and seeks the advice of the other season spirits, who suggest that it could be the grim reaper. What is he to do when a girl kills a man before his own eyes? Was she really the cause of his death? And why are there souls everywhere she goes?

Chaos 2 by frostofsummer reviews The world spins peacefully, unaware of an impending war that is on the horizon. This bloody clash would put an end to a feud that had begun long ago when the earth was young. Two sides are positioned to face off. Those that stand in the light of the Moon and those that stand in the darkness of Chaos. For the first time in 3 years, neither does Jack Frost. North and Tooth search for them as clues point to old and new enemies stirring in the shadows.

The Guardians and their believers will need new allies, and to journey into the past, far beyond life or death to face this threat. She had died but wasn't dead. Man in Moon brought her back 80 years after the accident and gave power over winter. A certain guardian of fun takes interest in her and finds that she's a little more than a friend. Will Lily Winter thaw his frozen heart - literally?

Though at first he believes that the worst of his troubles are behind him, a startling discovery once again thrusts him back into peril. With the threat of an impending revolution hanging over Soluna, Jack must step up and truly fill his role as a Guardian.

His Only Believer by national babe reviews " And then, the Man in the Moon decided to replace my fear with their wonder, and hope, and-" "Uno. You were playing without me! Now draw 4 cards. And the two would meet three centuries later? Finally coming out of hiding, she's already thrown into trouble with another creature of the dark.

Now with guardians involved, young Spook must learn to trust more of those around her and accept what she is.Authors Note: hahahahaha, don't you just hate me for what I did to Jack last chapter D I'm awake now and energized once again, so I think it's time to answer reviews and do the 10th chapter now :P. Witch08 - I know it's cruel, that's why I did it. It makes suspense, makes people think 'Aww, poor Jack' and makes them hope and pray that the Guardians will fix this :D I'm a jerk like that.

I may be cruel, but I'm cruel :. Before Jack had become a Guardian, before he had become immortal become Jack Frost, he had been human.

Something that all of the Guardians forgot Except for Sandy. The human Jack had had brown hair and brown eyes. He had been a hard worker by day, but by night, he became a dreamer, dreaming to go to far away places and meet people from other places and too become one of Englands best known like he grandfather had been. He had had a younger sister and when he had gone to sleep, Sandy would give him dreams of going to far away places that he would tell his sister when he woke up.

Jack when he had been human, had had a huge belief in the Guardians, always putting his lost tooth under pillow, all of them being pearly white and perfect.

He would always spread joy and happiness at Christmas, and he was always a good boy, never getting on the naughty list. He laid carrots out for the Easter Bunny when Easter came around, not caring about the beating he would recieve in return for doing so.

Jacks father was a slave owner, but Jack would sneak down full meals for the slaves and would give them full meals everyday so that they would never starve. When they did die, it was from the beatings Jacks father gave them, or from a disease, but never from starving.

Jack, when he had been a human, had been caring, obedient at times, quiet, kind, and had always treated people with respect, especially his elders. He had manners and would help the elderly and if a woman was carrying a lot, he'd come over and take over half off of her load. While the others thought he was weird for believeing in the Guardians when he was seventeen, Jack didn't care, he would just smile and laugh when they said to stop believeing.

Jack had known one thing, and one thing only. Pitch sat in his throne, holding his head in a hand. He had known that the shadows had lied when they had said that they would give him back his family if he fed them, but he had just wanted his family back. His beautiful four year old daughter that had had his wifes eyes, but his hair, so she had brown eyes and blonde hair and his beautiful wife who had wonderful brown eyes that shined even when she was sad and her wonderful coal black that fell down her back in waves.

Pitch sat up straight and ran both hands over his face. Jack, in his not there state, was watching Pitch, or 'Papa' as he called him, a small frown of worry on his face as he watched him. Papa had been like this since they had come back and Jack didn't like how he was like this.

Creating an ice rose, Jack walked over to his 'Papa' and held out the rose for him, smiling at him with his glazed unblinking eyes. Pitch took the ice rose and looked into those eyes.

rise of the guardians fanfiction papa pitch

Those eyes that were glazed, just like his wife and daughters before they had forgotten him Pitch wondered if he had gone to far. He had been wanting a family so bad that he had killed thousands and then kidnapped someone who didn't even like him and had forced him to be scared of him and had put darkness in him, making him think of Pitch as his father while his true self was locked away, possibly forgetting everything due to the shadows.

Pitch didn't have another second to think about this as the Guardians entered the room the two were in, weapons pointed at Pitch. After explaining what had happened to Pitch and his family, what tragedies had fallen upon them, the others had felt horrible.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus includes. Cancel Apply Superman reviews I don't know how often I'll be updating this, but please bare with me through it.

Thank you all for being so patient and I hope you love the first chapter as much as I do!

rise of the guardians fanfiction papa pitch

Jack Frost and the Chamber of Secrets by Ugly-Duckling reviews Just as Jack, Harry and their friends are getting ready to start their second year at Hogwarts a darkness that has been hidden inside the school for hundreds of years has been unleashed and Muggle-Born students are being attacked and petrified.

Can Jack and Harry solve the problem before the school is closed forever? Read and find out. Harry was abandoned by the Durselys before his eleventh birthday, he should have died in the snow but the magic core in his body saved him and the Man in the Moon accepted him.

Harry Potter is forgotten and Jack Frost takes his place. Harry Potter is related to Jack on his mother's side, and Jack tries to learn about Harry. North arranges with Dumbledore for Jack to go to Hogwarts as a and follow Harry through his classes. This is my first fanfiction story so I'm sorry if it is terrible!

If Harry had died after the Final Battle and accepted as Guardian of Death, how would he change meeting Fear along the way? Mention of Mpreg. Guardian bashing. Possible triggers, be warned. Also rated for language. I am open to requests of possible situations that people want to see.

rise of the guardians fanfiction papa pitch

Mature scenes will probably be at Ao3 under the same pseudonym. Slightly AU. Belonging to different houses and having such different personalities, the last thing the four of them expected was to end up having detention together on the first day, let alone becoming friends.

Jack vs the pink toad by Blackbird reviews Jack Frost goes to Hogwarts undercover as a fifth year student. Un enfant aux cheveux blancs.

Ah maudit sois-tu Sirius Black avec tes beaux yeux gris.Due to popular demand — and Pitch's whining after Destroying From Within man can that man whine! But I'm sure my readers from that fic know all about it — this is a small fluff about some events within the first few chapters of A Light Within Darkness, all cute and lovely just the way Pitch wanted them — is he seriously the Nightmare King because this is way too cute for such a big bad J For those who haven't read A Light Within Darkness, Pitch found Jack shortly after MiM awoke him and took the boy in to raise as his own and make him a weapon against the Guardians, never expecting Jack to wiggle his way into his heart.

Pitch prided himself on being a patient man, after all he was one of the ancients, older than most of the supposed Gods on Earth. He had watched the creation and downfall of countless civilizations — hell he was the downfall of countless civilizations.

So why was it that one small boy could get on his last nerve and nearly bring him — the Nightmare King — to his knees. It made no sense really, the child hadn't even done anything wrong this time it was just something so small, so insignificant that it shouldn't have mattered, after all his host had dealt with these things with his own child so why couldn't Pitch just ransack those memories and deal with the issue. The answer should have been simple, the boy was no longer a human child and therefore could not be treated as such but that didn't mean Pitch wouldn't try.

So what was all the fuss? Oh such a simple thing that most parents would simply bundle their precious little one in blankets and feed them soup as the rubbed aching backs and placed cool clothes over fevered heads. Yes, a very small and simple thing that shouldn't have been a bother what-so-ever, except Pitch was the sweet love-dovey time nor the fathering type, such nonsense was something his host might have done. And if that wasn't annoying enough the child was whining! Jack knew he hated to hear him whine about anything.

They were warriors.

They would be the ones to finally bring down the accursed Guardians. He would not bow before some distraught child and pamper him just because he wasn't feeling well. At least that's what he kept telling himself. Of course the cause of Jack's sudden illness bothered him more than the illness itself. Pitch had never seen such a thing before.

The boy had been in his care just over a decade when he decided they needed a little vacation for the cool climate of the Northern Hemisphere. Pitch had no problem with the cold but always had a need to travel south to warmer climates for something other than scaring children. Maybe it had something to do with his host's past, after all Kozmotis Pitchiner did come from a much warmer planet and was unaccustomed to the snow and cold weather Jack craved so much.

So they had travelled to Africa after Jack had heard stories of elephants and tigers. The child wanted to see animals not found in North America and Pitch wanted the heat. It was supposed to be perfect but sadly, like many of Pitch's plans of late, things didn't go as planned.

Jack had been extremely excited when they appeared in a densely forested area and although he wanted to get close to the animals he followed Pitch advice and stayed in the trees. It wasn't so much that the child could be harmed by the beasts as it was the fact they were not in their territory and messy with the wild life may anger another spirit.

Jack was still young and far too new to the world to be going up against a jungle spirit. Everything was fine at first. It was the dead of night and the large predators were out and about but there wasn't as much to see as Jack hoped. He wanted to see the animals in the daylight when the herds were moving. Of course Pitch couldn't handle daylight and even in the dense jungle where it was usually dark would become a problem after a short time and there was no way he would let the boy wander about by himself — what if that annoying Pooka was taking plant samples in the area again and came across Jack?

The child would be all too thrilled by a new being to know to stay away and then the Guardians might learn of his existence. No, Jack was not going anywhere by himself until he learned to defend himself properly rather than throw silly happy snowflakes at people.

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