Fungal acne moisturizer reddit

I also learned a few unexpected tricks, like: dandruff shampoo is great for combating fungal acne, generic calamine lotion is a cheap dupe for the ultra-popular Mario Badescu Drying Lotionand a shower product made for feminine care is a tried and true solution to body acne. Scroll through for more insider tips and the absolute best drugstore acne products recommended by Reddit users. My skin leans towards the dry side and is prone to dehydration but this cleanser leaves my skin feeling perfect!

For those of you who are dry and live in a drier climate this might be a little stripping, but for me it works well. It is the perfect gentle cleanser with no frills or extras. According to cosdna. I cannot say that this cleanser has single-handedly cleared me up, but it is part of my overall healthy skin routine! This is so gentle and non irritating, even during flare ups.

My dermatologist said it's one of the most gentle face washes on the market. It's fragrance free and has a creamy almost gel like consistency, not as watery as some other non foaming cleansers. I don't wear makeup, but I don't think this would remove makeup if you did, so you'd probably need to remove makeup before using this cleanser.

Dries down fast, alcohol-free, and incredibly convenient to use. Even with my normal-dry skin, I find that the drying effects of this product are easily mitigated with moisturizer obviously your mileage may vary. This has seriously helped manage whiteheads, sebaceous filaments, and those little red inflamed buggers.

It's easy to apply and dries matte. I use it as a leave-on body treatment and as a wash-off facial treatment, and it works fantastic as both although BP in general dries me out more than other actives. While I haven't used this in the AM, the texture makes me think it could be used in an AM routine under makeup — it's definitely not greasy or heavy. All in all, a really great drugstore BP lotion. It has reduced my overall breakouts, decreased the time it takes for my breakouts to heal, and helped overall to even my skin tone and minimize pore appearance.

I also think it has made my skin slightly less oily, as long as I moisturize properly. I do not use any chemical exfoliation currently, but use a konjac sponge occasionally to help with any dead skin or texture. I have not experienced any excessive dryness or flaking, and also did not ever purge. It is my HG for my acne and I plan on repurchasing until the end of time.

I had three super-prominent pimples one already popped a few days ago, the other two still formingand I used a cotton ball to dab calamine from a bottle I've owned for over a decade onto the affected area. I left it on overnight, and in the morning, the already popped pimple was a quarter its previous side and the other two were completely gone!

I don't think my skin has ever had such a quick response to anything before. The one drawback was that it really dries out the area, so you need to especially moisturize those spots in the morning. It definitely isn't matte drying though, and leaves more of a satiny finish. The airless pump packaging is awesome, and although it has a mild scent, it's not an overpowering sunscreen scent and dissipates quickly. I was originally put off by the price, but it lasts me about 3. I also like multi-functional products so having it at a high percentage in my sunscreen is a big plus and cuts down on the total amount of products.

It still had not produced a full head and was just an inflamed bump so I wasn't really sure how well it would work. The patch itself is clear but after leaving it on overnight it turns whitish where the acne was.

I put it on Friday night and then left it on for most of Saturday while cleaning my apartment. When I removed it that night to put on my makeup to go out, the patch pulled out the plug and the bump was completely flat.

I was genuinely surprised it had worked so well and all that was left was a slightly red spot.Last updated Nov 7, Reviews 76 comments.

fungal acne moisturizer reddit

See on Amazon. I avoided this moisturizer for so long thinking it would break me out, only to find it was my long lost best friend all this time.

It played a crucial role in clearing my skin by repairing and strengthening my moisture barrier. Lets get into why I love product so much.

A Comprehensive Guide to the SkincareAddiction Subreddit

Table of Contents. Definitely the biggest wowing factor of this moisturizer for most people, including myself. Why is this a good thing? The culprit behind all these skin conditions is a fungi called malassezia, which under poorly understood circumstances becomes pathogenic for susceptible individuals. Like I mentioned earlier, MCT oil is just coconut oil without the lauric fatty acid in it.

fungal acne moisturizer reddit

Lauric acid has a carbon chain length of 12, meaning malassezia can metabolize it. Link here. On a side note, petroleum jelly vaseline works too because its carbon chain lengths are above More reason to be all about that slug life.

What I look like when I put vaseline on my face…. Yeah, it does a little bit of everything! Did I mention it also increases collagen production and does comparatively better than antibiotics in treating acne? In this formula, ceramides and cholesterol work as skin-identical ingredients that the body metabolizes to repair barrier damage and prevent transepidermal water loss TEWLthat is, the water content that keeps the skin hydrated.

A humectant and natural part of skin that has powerful wound healing properties. Another skin identical ingredient that helps repair barrier function and maintain healthy skin.

A silicon- based polymer that acts as an emollient and occlusive. However, take comedogenicity ratings with a grain of salt. Needless to say, bunny skin is not human skin.

There have been many instances of ingredients clogging poor bunny ears, that are perfectly suitable for human skin. However, if you suspect you have a sensitivity to fatty alcohols than these ingredients may cause problems so proceed with caution. The takeaway here is to patch test.

Skincare is a very individual thing. YMMV, as they say. What works wonders for some, may not for others. Wanna read my horror story about not patch testing?

Click here. It spreads super easily, and has a calming effect on the skin.If you're noticing that breakouts on your chest, back, or shoulders just aren't clearing up, you might be dealing with fungal acne. Trust me, it's not as nasty as it sounds.

I asked three dermatologists to break down everything one could ever want to know about fungal acne. Spoiler alert: That coordinating workout outfit you love so much might be messing with your skin. I'm so sorry to break it to you like this. First of all, fungal acne isn't really a thing. In fact, it's a made-up name for something scientifically called pityrosporum folliculitisor malassezia folliculitis. No matter what you call it, it's usually due to excess yeast known as malassezia, which is in the same biological classification as fungi, within hair follicles.

When this occurs, "it results in inflammation and itchy, acne-like eruptions," Shereene Idrissa cosmetic dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City tells Allure.

Malassezia actually lives on everyone's skin, Joshua Zeichnerthe director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, adds. However, yeast levels tend to increase during hot, humid weather or when you're sweaty.

Also, fungal acne can be contagious. Because it is a yeast, yeast has a tendency to spread. With that in mind, there's a chance that fungal acne can be passed along to others.

Well, fungal acne is not acne at all. Zeichner says it's truly an infection of the hair follicle. Some other differences include intense itching and placement. Fungal acne can be hard to diagnose, Talakoub says, because it often looks like your run-of-the-mill acne.

Look for small whiteheads that are about the size of a pinpoint, or specifically, one millimeter in circumference, she adds. They'll usually be on the chest, shoulders, and back, and will appear in clusters.

10 Best Moisturizers for Oily, Acne-Prone Skin, According to Dermatologists

Depending on the severity of the infection, your dermatologist might suggest something as simple as a body wash or they might prescribe medication.Last updated Nov 7, 51 comments. Do they hold some kind of secret magic sauce for clear skin? So I took it upon myself to find out! For reference, here are all the individual cases studies I used. They are listed in descending order by the number of upvotes.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with such an approach, it means cleansing your skin with a gentle pH balanced face wash, following it up with an active ingredient e.

You repeat this once or twice daily until the end of time…. Because there were A LOT of differences in terms of what products people used, I will simply list them in their respective categories, and throw my thoughts in as we go.

The number next to the items listed below denote how many different people used it. Got it? Check on Amazon. Oil cleansing is a great way to remove waterproof makeup or sunscreen, and reduce the dryness that comes from using a regular cleanser. Everyone below except for one personused the double cleansing method.

In other words, they massaged their face with an oil first, rinsed with water, then followed it up with a normal cleanser to remove any oily residue. Here are the different oils they used:. Note : the two people who used jojoba and coconut oil mixed it with tea tree oil for additional antibacterial and antifungal properties. I know many people, including myself, tried oil cleansing with organic oils when venturing into OCM for the first time, only to be met with a massive breakout.

Would you look at that? The most used makeup remover just so happens to be my favorite one. The two most commonly used cleansers were CeraVe Foaming and Hydrating. I think these are pretty solid picks. Both are pH balanced and gentle, which are the most important things to consider when choosing a cleanser.

This the most important step of a skincare routine targeted towards acne. The idea is to use an active ingredient that treats breakouts.Finding the perfect moisturizer is hard for anyone—especially people with oily or acne-prone skin.

But it is possible to find the best moisturizer for acne, we promise! Part of the challenge is that people with acne-prone skin do everything in their power to keep oiliness away trust me, I know. My thought process used be that moisturizers—some of which contain oil and can leave a greasy feeling on the skin—would cause more breakouts. So, I proceeded only with caution. However, dermatologists agree that moisturizing is an essential step in every skin-care routineone that can even help soothe and prevent acne if done correctly.

Although I've made my peace with moisturizing my combination and often acne-prone skin, it doesn't mean that every moisturizer will work for my skin type. Figuring out the best way to moisturize for your skin is often just a matter of choosing the best moisturizer for acne-prone skin like yours. There are a few key words to look for when shopping for an acne-friendly daily moisturizer.

But not all acne-prone skin is oily. In fact, dry skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, basically any skin can be prone to breakouts as well, depending on all kinds of environmental, hormonal, and genetic factors. In order to get the lowdown on some great moisturizer options that won't break you out, we talked to a few dermatologists to find out the expert picks they typically recommend to their patients.

All products featured on SELF are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. The Effaclar line from La Roche-Posay is a top pick among dermatologists. Note that this moisturizer like any standard moisturizer doesn't have UVA or UVB protection—so you'll need to layer sunscreen on top—but it's great for oily skinSejal Shah, M.

Nazarian explains. Shah counts this gel-cream moisturizer as one of her favorites for patients prone to breakouts. If you have acne-prone skin that is also very sensitiveDr. Green suggests this classic Cetaphil moisturizer. The product is a dermatologist favorite and it's super affordable.If you have oily skin, being diligent about moisturizing may seem a bit counterintuitive—but yes, you do need to moisturize, even if you have acne.

fungal acne moisturizer reddit

Skipping this critical step may leave you plagued with rough, flaky, and red patcheswhich only brings more attention to your breakouts. This includes salicylic acid which works to unclog pores and benzoyl peroxides which fights acne-causing bacteria. Follow this order: Acne medications go on first, topped with a moisturizer, then sunscreenand finally makeup if you choose to wear it, says Dr.

However, if you use a retinoid-based product to control acne like tretinoin or adapaleneapply these over a moisturizer or mixed with one to lessen irritation, she advises.

Now, onto the fun part: shopping. Those with oily skin should go for a lightweight lotion or gel, recommends Dr. Look for SPF: Sun exposure is a foe to acne. With SPF 30, you can count on this as your go-to moisturizer before heading out the door in the morning.

Fungal Acne Could Be Causing Your Body Breakouts — Here's How to Treat It

Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and dimethicone are the ultimate moisturizing trio in this lightweight gel, which is suited for dry and oily skin alike, since it absorbs quickly into the skin. This oil- and fragrance-free moisturizer is best suited for oily and combination skin. The noncomedogenic, oil-free formula is enriched with oat extract, which works to soothe and hydrate red, irritated skin —a common side effect of acne.

Cetaphil products are a classic for a reason. This non-greasy, noncomedogenic, fragrance-free lotion delivers lightweight moisture for the most sensitive skin types, including those with acne, eczemapsoriasisand rosacea. One common complaint among those who suffer from acne: a shiny, slick complexion, especially after moisturizing. This oil-free noncomedogenic moisturizer sops up excess grease for a matte finish while keeping skin smooth and hydrated.

Apply this one at night as the last step in your skin care routine for healthier, calmer-looking skin come morning.

For a more luxurious option, a little dollop will do ya! This lightweight gel from SkinCeuticals is best for skin that runs from dry to oily and normal to sensitive. And thanks to its addition of botanical extracts and antioxidants, this pick is also great for those with fine lines and wrinkles.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Join Our Day Ab Challenge! Courtesy of brands. Then, consider these 10 moisturizers that will work wonders on acne-prone skin. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Skin Care.The website is to Web design what McDonald's is to the culinary arts. Its beauty lies in its content, organized by thousands of "subreddits," threads devoted to what seems like every single topic imaginable from learning Japanese to pictures of "sexy" toasters.

The site has long played host to a variety of beauty topics, but those pockets were relatively quiet until early By April, the site was averaging 20, posts a month about skin care alone, an 81 percent increase from the previous year. The boost was likely a result of the explosive sales growth of skin care, the patron saint of the self-care movement.

Suddenly, there were more subreddits for skin care 22 at time of publication than there were for dog breeds. And how appropriate, as the skin-care boards also boast veritable toy groups fun with subscription boxes! But SkincareAddiction let's say it: the name is offensive to those battling real addictions isn't just a compendium of consumer advice.

Clear Up Fungal Acne Episode #1

It's a community where acne selfies are met with praise, where self-taught chemists with rare skin diseases mingle with people who just discovered retinol. What can we learn from this corner of the Internet? You could spend hours days? Or just read on. To some Redditors, skin care is the adult version of a play chemistry set. Cc Closed comedones. These blocked pores appear raised due to plugs of oil and dead skin cells trapped beneath the surface. They can be open, too aka blackheads.

Sf Sebaceous filaments. Pinch your nose skin to see a few: Thin noodles of dead skin that eject from your pores like eels from undersea grottoes. Extraction can lead to enlarged pores. Let them be. Mi Mileageas in "Your mileage may vary. Sh Shelfiesor styled shots of a person's beauty-storage situation. Don't Demonize or Lionize Any One Category "I went through a phase of only using drugstore productsand then I moved on to a phase of 'natural' skin care because I got duped into thinking that toxins and chemicals were causing my skin problems.

Always Patch-Test "Study ingredients, and make a spreadsheet to track which ones irritate you. I also rely on my fellow Redditors as well as reviews from [other] consumers.

The recommended time for patch testing is one to two weeks, up to a month. Some will respond quicker than others, depending on your skin. It's a gel that blends and absorbs quickly, and it hydrates beautifully. The thin texture is great for layering, and I can mix it with a vitamin C powder. I can never get over how soft, smooth, and plump my skin is when I use it.

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