Best gen 7 ou team showdown

The arrival of Pokemon Sword and Shield marks the closing of the 7th generation.


While I didn't play it nearly as much as 6th, 5th, or even 4th gen, that doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it. I've made quite a few successful and unique teams that performed above and beyond my expectations, which made the pokemon within these teams leave a present memory for me.

This is gonna be a competitive talk, but mostly a competitive walk down memory lane. The teams I hand crafted in this game are among the best I have ever thought up of. The beginning process of every team had me test them out in PokemonShowdown.

If I liked it, I go as high on the ladder as possible. Here is my top 7 self-made teams in 7th gen. Each team is for a different "tier. Feel free to use them, but I must warn you that the meta has not been kind to most of them, as my best performances were way back in late early I wanted to try out a new playstyle- Trick Room offense. So I just grabbed 3 dedicated trick roomers, with 1 of them carrying offensive presence, and then 3 nukes.

They got much farther than I anticipated. This team also gave me an excuse to use Dusclops, the first shiny I caught on my Y version and was miraculously a careful nature. Set up trick room and go. You'll need a little prediction when using your 3 nuke pokemon. That's why swords dance is there on Ursaring, to setup on a switch, and then your moves will be so strong, you wouldn't mind going for a neutral or resisted hit.

U-turn on specs Wishi also allows you to get a better nuke in on a predicted switch. Exeggutor-A is now NU so this team is now a relic. The only non-competitive team in this list. I just had so much fun with this team that I had to include them. There were some competitve aspects to the team such as type variety and how lucky I felt when the Dewpider I caught was adamant and the Skarmory I caught was relaxed.

While this wasn't a true nuzlocke I twisted a few rulesit still ended in a very satisfying, anime kind of way. Technically my nuzlocke team is only one pokemon based on how it ended, but I'm showcasing my 6 favorite members which I then used in the RR episode. Noivern goes for a dragon pulse, which brought Salamence all the way to 2 HP!!! Salamence then was able to finish him off with draco meteor! Me and my friend agreed it wouldn't have dragon pulse since it's like an egg or tutor move or something.

best gen 7 ou team showdown

We were wrong.Forgot your password? Im a pretty good competitive pokemon player, as I've been playing competitively since Gen 5 the good old days. As all of you know, gen 7 has came out, and some pokemon even have buffed stats, abilities, and movepools. Even though i wanted to use a lot of the Generation 7 mons, i was only able to comfortably work two gen 7 mons into my team comfortably, and they are both tapus Well anyways, here is my team, it took me about an hour of building, calcing, and deciding to create, but i think its really good and im very proud of it.

Heres the set. It does have its flaws though. A Jolly nature is used to outrun Jolly scarf Excadrill after a boost. Gliscor has a great ability with poison heal that lets it passively recover some hp when poisoned. Its good defensive typing along with its synergy with tapu Fini and Mega Charizard X to cover its weaknesses, its not easy to take down. Here's the set. Toxic Orb and Poison Heal lets it absorb status very well. Shadow Ball alows it to hit psychic and ghost types hard, and HP ice hits dragon and ground types that are weak to it such as garchomp and landorus.

It hits a good speed tier, outpacing the crowded af speed tier at a whopping base speed. After two Calm Minds, its basically unstoppable unless you have a fast Physical wallbreaker to shut it down before it can attack. Max Special Attack gives it more damage output, And it has the respected move coverage to go with Calm Mind boosts.

Leftovers gives it passive recovery. Although it is very fraile and prone to priority, its coverage makes it a threat to be reckoned with its high attack and a blazing speed stat that leaves a majority of the metagame in the dust. Ice shard is a good STAB priority move for picking off weakned threats that are either faster or have priority moves of their own. Low Kick targets Steel, Rock, and dark types that weigh a lot such as tyranitar, bisharp, and magnezone. Tapu Lele has a LOT of potential.

Although it is powerful, Tapu Lele sits not at, but below a very crowded speed tier, leaving it outsped by many threats, which can be remedied by the bulky pokemon on this team like gliscor, but some may run coverage to hit both, such as raikou and gengar. Psychium Z lets it use the Z Move, Shattered Psyche, which will probably OHKO anything that doesnt resist or hold a focus sash or have the ability sturdy, barring chansey, blissey, shuckle, and other dedicated special walls, and even then will still take major damage a Timid nature lets Tapu Lele outspeed base 80 speed pokemon like dragonite and hit them before they can move.

Alright, that was my team, i am very excited for what gen 7 has in store for us competitively, if you have any constuctive critcism, please go ahead and say what problems they may be with my team. Thank you! Rate My Team. Search In. Existing user? Sign in anonymously. Facebook Reddit.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Cletus1 Start date Aug 11, I'm dropping by to suggest some changes. Z-Rock lando might not beat this team but Z fly lando sure will, and that's the more threatening set.

You don't really have an answer to it. First of all, Chesnaught is bad in this meta. It's just horrible. Fighting is a terrible defensive typing, and Grass doesn't alleviate this. It also has 0 special bulk.

In addition, your team lacks a good Steel type. AV Excadrill is subpar in this meta because it's simply not bulky enough.Hello There, Guest! Login Register. Remember me. Posts: 1, Reputation: Without further ado, let's get right into the teams! PS: All of my teams are named after songs, there will be links to those in the title of each team if you want some music while reading because there is a lot to read.

Almost Blue. Let It Snow. Black Sun.

best gen 7 ou team showdown

Harder Better Faster. PhilTousi Farewell mother Great guide! A bunch of details, but very cool and enjoyable. Just a question where did you get these pokemon icons from? View a Printable Version Subscribe to this thread. Current time: Apr 12,AM. Linear Mode. Threaded Mode.

Gen 7 pokemon showdown teams

Lost Password? Almost Blue Probably the best all-around team that is showcased in that thread, this team even won me a tournament. This team, which is a bulky offense, uses the VoltTurn strategy to wear down the opposing team and gain momentum during the battle by constantly switching and chipping at the opponent's team at the same time. Also, since you can basically get in an ideal matchup most of the time with VoltTurn, it's really easy to get in Charizard-X, Dragon Dance up and then proceed to sweep, which is also made easier by the fact that defensive cores will often end up weakened by the constant chip damage from VoltTurn.

best gen 7 ou team showdown

Rotom-W and Lando-T are staples on VoltTurn teams and bulky offense in general because of their impressive synergy and defensive capabilities. The Rotom set is a bit unique; I decided to add a bit of speed to outspeed Adamant Bisharp and Modest Volcanion, since I can either use Will-O-Wisp or Thunder Wave them before they can attack, making these threats easier to deal with. It is also great to just punch holes through teams, allowing Azumarill to clean up.

Finally, Latios was added to add some speed to the team, Defog away hazards to help out the team since it is based around switching, break past physical walls with a strong Draco Meteor and helping out with the Water or should I say Keldeo weakness of the team, which is now way more easier to handle. What I really like about this team is that it's effective against most playstyles, although stall can be troublesome but not unbeatable luckily!

Kingdra and Kabutops are arguably the best rain sweepers in the game, since Kingdra hits incredibly hard in the rain and Kabutops has access to Swords Dance and Aqua Jet, which allows it to sweep or weaken opposing teams even outside of rain, which is an important thing to have in a rain team.

Substitute allows Hera to escape status and to take a hit even after a defense drop from Close Combat, which is why it's especially good against stall and balance, but Bullet Seed is also an option if you are afraid of Water Types. It is also pretty useful since it gives me a wincon outside of rain since it can Agility against faster offensive teams and clean up or Nasty Plot up against slower teams and wallbreak. Thunderbolt is a good option over Thunder since it's more accurate outside of rain.

This is one of them. While it certainly isn't as good as the first two teams here, it's certainly a fun one to use because of the combination of Mega-Abomasnow, an underrated wallbreaker with nice coverage, and Magneton, a rare but useful pick. Abomasnow is the main wallbreaker of the team, hitting a ton of things in the tier for super effective damage and having limited switch-ins.

But, even with Earthquake for Heatran, Steel-types are very troublesome, and Talonflame is also a scary foe; luckily, Magneton handles both of these. Magneton can trap and kill Steel types, such as Scizor, Ferrothorn and Skarmory, with Hidden Power Fire or Thunderbolt in some cases and, unlike its evolution Magnezone, it outspeeds Talonflame when holding a Choice Scarf and can either kill it with Thunderbolt or gain momentum by Volt Switching, so it's one of the best partner for Abomasnow.Hey guys, it's your friendly neighborhood Br0wn doing something a little different than normal.

For a while now, I've wanted to release a guide to competitive team building guide to teach new and old players alike how to build fun and effective teams. This is in my range of abilities, as I've been playing competitive for 3 years now, I have a deep understanding of the meta, and I've been writing a Teambuilding series on this app for almost 7 months now. This blog is going to be very long, so I'd suggest reading it over a long period, taking a few days, or only reading parts that you need.

I don't want to keep you here forever on a blog about imaginary creatures. The goal of this blog is to teach new and old players the teambuilding process along with how to effectively create a working team. This blog will teach you:. Sweeper is a very simple role to start out with. A sweeper is meant to provide your win condition, or how you are most likely to finish the game.

Sweepers often have a good Attack or Special Attack accompanied with a good speed stat. Physical attacking sweepers are the physical attacking version, some examples being Mega Metagross and Mega Charizard X.

Mixed Sweepers have a solid Attack and Specila Attack and often run both to cover weaknesses, like Greninja and Garchomp. Setup sweepers rely heavily on a set up move to provide their sweeping condition, like Xurkitree and Manaphy with Tail Glow, and Volcarona with Quiver Dance.

Tanks play another key role in the teambuilding process. Unlike Sweepers, Tanks favor having High HP and Defensive stats, and good tanks often have a specific typing that allows them to resist specific attacking types well. They come in similar variants to sweepers. Mixed Tanks are a lot more common, and often have high defense stats in both sections. Some mixed tanks are Toxapex, Tangrowth, and Rotom-Wash. Hazard Setters have a main goal of establishing switch punishes. Hazards are almost a must on every single team.

Hazards are important because of the huge emphasis on switching in competitive play. Spinners and Foggers are used to remove enemy hazards from your own side, which is a necessity on every team.

Since switching is a very important part of today's meta, you need to be able to switch safely. Now that all of the broad and super important roles are covered, I will jump into some more niche roles that not all teams might need, but are extremely effective when the team is right. These roles consist of more specific version of previous roles or roles specific to a certain team. Stallbreakers vary differently from wallbreakers, as stallbreakers run specific moves to shut down stalling opponents.

best gen 7 ou team showdown

Minor setters are less important versions of hazard setters, but instead of setting traps, minor setters set up supportive abilities, like Tailwind, Aurora Veil, Light Screen and Reflect.

Some notable examples are. I was almost going to lump in Weather Setters into the Minor Setters category, but they were too important to only give them a small mention in a different category. Weather Setters provide a weather core for a weather based team, whether it be rain, sun, hail, or sand.

Some examples I know of are Bisharp and Azumarill, who can control bad switch options well. Suicide Leads can be an important part of many teams. They are often a sub-section of hazard setters that can set their own traps, but don't attempt to live afterwards, preferring to get 1 kill and then sacrificing itself. Some notable examples of suicide leads are Azelf, Explosion Landorus, or Froslass. Some notable examples are Weavile and Mega Lopunny. Some good clerics are:. These are used to ensure unexpected kills and maybe leading to the win.

I brought up Landorus as an example of a physical tank, hazard setter, and a stallbreaker. For those who are fairly new to competitive, a playstyle is how your team plays the game.Welcome to Smashboards, the world's largest Super Smash Brothers community! OverSmash Bros. You are currently viewing our boards as a visitor. Click here to sign up right now and start on your path in the Smash community! Use Smashboards links to get your gaming stuff and support the site, Super Smash Bros.

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Alternatively, this ad may have just failed to load. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. My undefeated OU team currently. Thread starter ss Start date Nov 1, Few rock types are used in OU, and most of those don't even resist flying. Skarmory does well vs this, obv, but eh.

Skarmory opens itself to letting other things switch in for free, which is fine for me. HP fire helps vs scizor, forretress, and skarmory. Steels in general, really. It also has power behind it thanks to Download, it just threatens things and either kills it or U-turns. Pretty beastly and gay.Forgot your password? Ok, so as we all know about the new legendaries floating about, it gives way for an entirely new metagame to form, giving checks, counters, and setup fodder to things we could never imagine.

I decided to make an honest, whole-hearted effort to make an Ubers team, because lets face it, its very easy to just choose 4 wallbreakers, Geomancy Xerneas, and Primal Groudon, Slap them onto an Ubers team, and just wreck house.

Ubers is a tier which i dont really dive into that much because matches can be very predictable at times. Ok, now i know when you guys see Splash you will be questioning my sanity and well-being, but let me explain.

Mega Gengar is a phenomenal Revenge killer, letting it trap and remove threats with ease, and due to new gen 7 Mechanics, Gengar gets its speed ON the turn it mega evolves, but Protect is there to scout out choice items, when that Lunaala switches in too confidently. Its Bulk in tandem with its typing and ability makes it a good switchin for many threats and lets it swallow almost any hit and either strike back, or set up rocks.

Precipice Blades deals massive damage, even without attack investment, and lava plume has utility with its high chance of burning, and roar phases setup sweepers, such as the notable Geomancy Xerneas set. Yveltal is the one reliable mon that keeps Double Dance Primal-Groudon sets from sweeping my team. Bikini Bottom Ice beam hits Mega Salamence and Rayquaza for Super effective damage, and letting it hit Primal Groudon for some sort of damage output if necessary.

Recover lets it well Defog lets it remove entry hazards that could get inn Yveltal's way. Set up at the appropriate time. So thats pretty much it, Merry Christmas to all of you guys, make sure to give me any constructive criticism if you have any.

Well, as someone with basically zero competitive knowledge or experience and no Gen 7 game either, I can confidently say this team looks strong. Rate My Team.

Search In. Existing user? Sign in anonymously. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted December 18, So anyways, enough with the small talk, lets get to it. Hope you guys enjoyed! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted December 19, Splash Z-Move Solgaleo looks dangerous af.

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